Ed Cholakian purchased his first Cadillac in 1977.

In 1977, Ed was very occupied businessman. He had already created a huge name for himself in the parts world and was also the owner of his own silk screening T-shirt factory. Even with all of his responsibility, Ed’s first Cadillac created a hobby which took off into something much more.


In the video below, you can see Ed and his collection while it was in its prime. This led to what is now, arguably the largest collection of antique Cadillac parts worldwide

Ed’s automobile collection has decreased drastically since the making of this video, however his parts collection has grown to an unbelievable quantity.


Since 2007, All Cadillacs has been operating out of Las Vegas, where Ed continues to conduct business on a daily basis.

Below you can see a brief history of Ed’s journey and accomplishments, including his California building which contained over 100 antique Cadillac’s

While operating a business may seem like a exhuasting life style at 83 years of age, Ed is still expanding and sharing his collection with Cadillac and LaSalle owners around the world.